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Make Money Sharing your Photo and Video Media with Flyxia

Flixya is another YouTube like website, but this one will actually help you making money online totally free! Flixya is powered by Google Adsense , that’s why you can add your publisher code to your Flixya submissions, but I will explain how Flixya actually works.

Everything is pretty much like at YouTube and MetaCafe, you share your favorite videos, upload photos or start a free blog. When you have submitted your material to this website, you are ready to monetize by adding Google Adsense. Flixya helps you to make friends and get extra income stream online in no time! Thousands of members earn a lot money sharing their media files, and you can be the next one 🙂 As for me, it’s not that hard to upload some videos and show them to your friends, but just imagine how much money it can make you.

The best part about this website is that Flixya pays 100% revenue via Google Adsense (they are like a charity organization 🙂 ) . No fees and no website needed to make money online with this awesome website. Also, you can make money by sharing videos discovered on Youtube, Google Video, MetaCafe, etc. And that is not it, you can also earn even more by referring your friends. Every referred friend gives you certain amount of points which give you a change to win cool prizes.

Conclusion: Well, I see a big earning potential in this website, because there is no alternatives really. That’s why I’m going to check out this awesome website right now, and hopefully you will hear my success story pretty soon (at least I hope so). Video marketing is another good thing I’ve been looking at recently, so it’s a good way to try it out. Any feedback or comments about this website are highly appreciated.

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