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Make Money with a Blog and In-Text Advertising – Review

Every blogger and website owner knows how hard it is to reach maximum revenue from any online project. Google Adsense is still the most popular blog monetization method and a proven way to make money online for free. However, I know several popular bloggers, who can’t not join Adsense and try finding alternative ways to make money with context advertising on their blogs.

In-text advertising is one of the latest inventions by Internet marketers and advertisers. This type of advertising has become very popular, especially after the launch of A large number of influential bloggers and webmasters consider to be InfoLinks to be the best alternative to Adsense and today I would like to show you a site similar to Info Links –

Ways to earn money with advertising

The main type of advertising offered by is called in-text advertising. I am pretty sure that you have seen this type of ads already. In-text advertising works like this: webmasters add special script to their site and robots scan your website contents; this script transforms special phrases on your site into links and webmasters receive money for every click on these links. - opportunity to make easy money online

If you decide to become a publisher of, you will be able to enjoy such member benefits:

– Publishers receive up to 80-100% of total advertising revenue.
– In-text advertising doesn’t take a lot of space on your site and these ads can run along Google’s advertising.
– offers top-notch revenue tracking in real time.
– This ad network offers two types of in-text advertising: microbanner ads, which can help you earning money by mentioning brand names in your posts and classical in-text ads.
– In-text adverts work on CPC basis, which means: you will receive cash for every ad click on your site or blog.

Please visits their website for more information about payments, types of advertising and learn how to become a member of this website. Intopic requires you to earn at least 100 dollars in order to request a payout. All cash-out requests are made with the help of PayPal system.

Adding ads to your blog can guarantee the beginning of your Internet business. First earnings will encourage you to work on your site, create new content, which will attract new members, who will generate you revenue.

Hopefully this Infolinks alternative will work out for you and by being a publisher at you will use your incredible chance of earning money with a website. Thank you for following my make money online news and update, if you would like to receive similar news to your email, please subscribe by using a form below.

All questions can be answered in the comment section. Good luck and hope to see you on the pages of in the nearest future.

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