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Internet is a totally free means of communication and data storage. I can’t even imagine my life without this useful thing – the main reason is that I do a lot of research on the web and it saves a lot of my free time.

Now when I have been posting to this blog for more than three years I think it very hard to impress me with a new make money online opportunity. Several days ago I came across a free website, where users can make money online by sharing their personal and business information. Why don’t we take a closer look at and learn how this social network can help us earn cash over the web.

Make money at home with

A brand new social network, which is named as a next generation of social eCommerce network is called According to their website here you can make easy money online by sharing (posting) your business or personal information and by using their free social eCommerce network (previously I featured a way to earn money with social networks but this one is a totally different case). - earn cash at home for free

Instead of spending your time and writing what DataPays is, I recommend checking out their website and learning more. What I will do is share top ways to earn money online with

1) Create your profile and receive 50% of revenue generated with it (DataPays will market it to help you reach top revenue)
2) Sell and exchange items of DataPays – here you can make money with both digital and real-life items
3) Refer your friends to DataPays and get a chance to improve your earnings on the Internet
4) Make money with your photos – upload images and photos to DataPays and get 50% of money earned with your images
5) Share videos and make money online when other users download them. By posting your videos on Data Pays you have a chance to receive 50% revenue share.

These are just top ways of earning money at This website has a lot of featured and options and it is impossible to me to highlight the best ones. Please visit their website to learn more about all options and earning possibilities of this social network.

If I understood everything right, you need to earn at least three dollars in order to be paid by DataPays. Payments are processed via PayPal. I do hope that you will figure out how to use this social network and make easy money with it.

Please feel free to discuss this site in the comment section below and subscribe if you want to receive similar make money online news to your email for free. Thanks for visiting and have a good day.

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