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Make Money Online With Media and Document Sharing – Review

After running this blog about make money onling techniques, I still can not count all free ways of working from home and generating profit with various on-line activity. But I do have some personal favorites – techniques and websites, which I use for providing myself with a stable part-time income.

I spend a lot of my time on earning with data entry and freelance jobs, also I do like to use paid to upload services, I find them highly effective, to tell the truth. Getting paid for downloads is very easy, the whole concept has been already narrated by me and could be accessed on IncomeBooster. Today, I have yet another free data hosting service with an incredible affiliate program to review.


Get paid to share files with is a high quality data hosting/sharing service, with its help users can upload documents and spread the download links to any computer in the world. In addition, I would highly recommend to participate in HitFile’s affiliate program and start making money by using your files.

In order to start making money with you need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Register an account at HitFile and fill in the required information
  2. Find some top class information files (films, videos, how to guides, walk-through tutorials, images, photos and so on) and upload it to servers owned by Hit File.
  3. Right after this you will be able to gather your download links and start posting them on various niche forums, blogs, start emailing them to your friends and relatives.
  4. Every time when someone, who is willing to download your documents, upgrades to premium account at, you will receive 60% of the money received, everything is pretty straight forward, to tell the truth - earn money by uploading

I do hope that you understand the process of making money with paid to upload sites, if you are still lost, please look through some of my previous guides. And now some facts about functionality offered at HitFile.

How to get paid from

As it has been already mentioned, users receive 60% of the money generated by premium account sales and people from all countries are capable of generating sales and automatically generating revenue. Furthermore, there is an interesting referral program offer, on terms of which, you can get 10% of the money made by your referrals (people, who used your affiliate link in order to register at

So we continue listing the advantages of this paid to upload website and there is yet another function, which is worth mentioning, especially if you have a website or blog connected with file sharing or freebies. You can create a set up, which will allow you to get paid to allow other members to share their download links to Hit File on your blog. You will be getting 5% of the revenue, which is not that bad at all, if you have a high traffic website.

Ftp uploading, transparent statistics, remote uploading form other websites, file copies, synchronization with are just some of numerous offers and services at HitFile.

The minimum cashout limit is set only at 5 dollars and payments are completed through such systems as Paypal and Webmoney. I do hope that you found this article interesting, if you did, feel free to subscribe to or leave your comments. I am looking forward to your feedback and would much appreciate any help with obtaining valuable work from home and make money online information.

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