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[Expired] Make Money Online with’s Free File Hosting Services

So now when you know at least something about making money over the Internet (assuming that you are familiar and have read my full tutorial entitled “get paid to upload websites explained“), I will try to tell you more about Internet sites, which pay users to upload and share files by using free media hosting websites.

As you may already know, the process behind earning money with files is pretty simple – file hosting companies keep your media on their servers for free (as any other free file hosting company) and reward you for every download of the file you have shared.

They earn money from your downloaders and are ready to give you a revenue cut. So the company ( I will be talking about now is not very different (and perfectly matches the description above) and it will give you an incredible chance to make money with your Internet files.

Earn Money With Ugotfile Free File Sharing

Here are some stats of this get paid to upload website (

Money for every 1000 file downloads: up to $10 (cookie program)
Higher download rates from such countries: United States, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Sweden, France
Minimum and maximum file upload limit: 1mb / 400 mb
Money needed to cash out: 5 dollars
Referral bonus: up to 50%
Additional facts about the paid to upload site – this website is pretty different from other websites I have been talking about, but I will still review it and tell you more about it. Here you can’t earn 20$ per 1000 downloads (like at, but this program still has some benefits.

If you join the affiliate network and download your files you will be earning special points (cookies) – you can see the list of the countries which give you more cookies (up to 10 cookies per download). 1,000 cookies is equivalent to $1.00, which means that you will make 10$ for one thousand US file downloads.

But this is not the best part about this site – if you have some interested friends in paid file sharing – refer them and tell how much money they could make at – the reason is 50% referral bonus program from

Anyways, it does look like another good get paid to upload website, but I have not tried it yet. I do like and making money with (both websites bring me cash from both file downloads and referrals).


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