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[Expired] Make Money Uploading Photos, Videos and File Archives – Review

Writing about all possible ways of earning cash from home is stimulating. Every day I find new and new websites and techniques, which could possibly help all Internet users receive money for easy work online (if you still don’t know, thousands of web users get paid to write articles, complete offers, play and test games and even receive money for using social networks). In my previous posts I wrote about these earning methods, so you, as only other IncomeBooster visitor, can browse the categories and look through the archives of this make money online and work from home blog.

As you look though the pages of this website, you can accidentally stumble upon one category called “get paid to upload files”. At first, when I have started adding entires to this category, my readers went on asking – “How to get money by uploading files?”. I must confess, getting paid for file uploads is for real. Speaking of my personal experience, I have received several payouts from get paid to upload sites like With this free file hosting service, users can earn by uploading files, it applies to videos, images, file archives, various documents and other data files.

Today I have another free data hosting site to review, it is called and I am very excited to tell you more about it. So how to earn by uploading at Sharing Matrix? Well, it is pretty simple, it is a free data storage service, the main point of their website is not help you with data storing, and on terms of their affiliate program, users can get money for file downloads.

At first you will have to create an account with them, after this, you will be able to upload your data and after this, spread the download links. Your friends or blog visitors will get your goodies and you, as an affiliate at the Sharing Matrix will receive cash for such actions (up to 30$ per every 1000 downloads). When you balance will exceed $15, you will be able to receive payment from I have seen many people, who are satisfied with this service and make a lot of cash by uploading files to Sharing Matrix dot com.

Just to make sure you know it and understand, here users receive different pay per download fees. You get from $1 to 40$ per one thousand document downloads (the prize amounts here depend on the country of the down-loaders and the document size).

But it is not the only option to earn money – to upload files – in addition you can invite your friends, and receive extra money for the documents they share. The friends of yours can also get paid to upload files and you will receive 20% of the cash they manage to earn.

Well, here you can surely upload and get money for doing so. The payout rates are pretty low and set just at 15 US dollars. Payments are made to Paypal, Webmoney and ePassporte accounts. But if you are willing to receive bank wire transfer, you will have to request such offer. Just want to add, people, who think that scam, will have to check their service more often. They have a new service launching, which will be even hotter and will have more opportunities for you. Thanks for reading and if you are interested in getting paid for uploads, check out, which is the most popular pay per download site so far.

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