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[Expired] Make Money with Music – Promote Tracks and Get Paid by

Creative approaches to making money from home are just starting to gain their popularity and it makes perfect sense that trite and over-saturated work from home opportunities as free paid surveys and incentive websites do not seem to attract that many money-makers as before.

Such earning opportunities as paid forum posting, getting money for downloads and listening to the music for a cash reward seem to be dominating on the market.

As for me, the boundaries of human imagination have no limits and that is why I would like to give an insight on an original way of making money with the help of music. Previously I wrote about paid to upload sites, which give money for sharing documents and music files, but this is somehow different. By using you will be able to receive money for promoting mp3 tracks.

How to make money by selling Mp3 music? offers a pretty unique affiliate program and allows its participants to make money on the web by promoting mp3 music. Affiliates are to place sponsored banners and links on their websites, if this banners are clicked frequently and generate downloads, you will receive a revenue cut.

In order to start making cash by promoting music with, you need to complete a quick registration process and choose among available ad sizes. New webmasters (affiliates) receive 60% of the cash generated by their visitors. But such a pay rate is valid only during the first month of the membership, later on your affiliate cut will lower to 40%.

Make money with mp3 music at

So, as you can see, the idea standing behind making money with mp music is simple, you find interested visitors, who buy music tracks from and get your revenue share (from 60% to 40%).

Previously I mentioned that you can generate traffic to sponsored website by banners, but, in addition, webmasters are eligible to create special affiliate mp3 catalogue, promote it and keep the revenue.

As you can see, is a free way of making money online for people, who have their own music related sites or blogs (or people, who are good in search engine optimization and will be interested in creating mp3 catalogues). Furthermore, there is yet another way of earning money at Mp3 Promo. As a registered member of this affiliate program, you can refer new members (web masters) and get 5% of the money they earn – this means if you invite five friends and each of them makes $100, you get a bonus of $25.

Personally, I have not tried this mp3 affiliate program yet and I am nohow associated with the owners of this website. I accidentally found it and decided to create a review. I don’t really know if is paying, but deducting from the contents of their site, everything seems to be legit. In my previous posts, I mentioned getting paid for listening to music, but this is a totally different concept, which is somehow similar to get paid to upload sites.

Thanks for reading, if you have any information about Mp3Promo or experience with this site, feel free to leave your comments or questions if you have any. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to

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