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3 Ways To Make Money With WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System ) and the best thing about it – it’s totally free! I would have never though that you can make money with WP (WordPress), but after doing some research, I have found out, that you can earn with this CMS in over that three ways (but I know there are more to come). And these ways don’t include earning with Adsense or any other PPC websites. These are solid ways to get money without even installing the WP blog.

Basically these methods are – making money designing free and premium WP themes (if you have certain knowledge), re-branding or re-redesigning and selling WordPress templates. These are very simple, especially if you are knolegeble in programming or web design. Well, let me explain the whole method of each of them.

1) Make Money Online Creating Or Coding WordPress templates.

If you have designing and programming skills, create a cool WordPress theme and sell the theme itself, or sell the sponsored links in the footer.Well, actually you only need one of the above stated skills. If you can program, you can buy a .psd file and code the template. If you are pretty good in design, you can hire a coder for like 40-60$.

If you create a premium template, you will have to input some money in advertising (so someone would actually buy it), but if you have no time for promotion, create a free theme and sell links the the footer. The average price of the link is about 25-75$ (and you can place 4 links the the footer). So the total profit is about 100-300$. But it is highly scalable. Tell advertisers that at least 5000 people would use this theme, and distribute it. Outsource some work, or ask your friends. Make sure you submit your new theme to social sites, so everyone can see it.

Another good idea, is to convert your WordPress theme into .xlm file. There are more people who are using blogger, so getting 5000 downloads would be pretty easy.


2) Earn Money Tweaking Themes or Codes

The second way is to re-brand and customize free templates. It’s kind of a freelancing job (programming and designing skills required), where you can customize free themes for webmasters who can’t program or design. As far as I know, the price for a simple customization varies from 20$ to 200$. To find our more about the rates and job opportunities, feel free to visit a great webmaster forum called Only here you can find your new customers as well as job opportunities.

3) None Of The Above Stated Skills? Buy a Template!

The third way is the simplest, but you need some money to start.

The point is very simple, you can buy a template and resell links in the footer. No programming skills required, the seller of the theme, would encode the footer links for you. That is very simple, because you don’t have to do this crazy designing and programming work ect. Just redistribute your template with sponsored links, that’s all. The average profit is about 100-150$ with no effort!

Here are the step-by-step directions for the method #3

1) Buy or create a FREE wordpress theme (you need to have full rights for this template). A great place to buy such themes is , or other developed webmaster forum

2) Sell the sponsored links in the footer/sidebar to people that want to “sponsor” your theme and get more exposure and higher PR (Page Rank). A great tip for selling footer links would be, using this theme for your blog, with an attractive sign “Sponsor this theme”. Also that would be great to create a custom page with that price of the theme link and the exposure it has. Another tip would be starting a thread at , or other developed webmaster forum with something that looks like “Sponsor this cool WordPress theme” or “Unique WP theme is looking for sponsors”. Also, when you are starting a thread, mention that footer links are protected and will never be removed (that would attract buyers even more)

3) Submit the theme to free theme sites, around the internet. There are so many directories like this. I have created a .txt file, so you could browse all available directories.

So lets calculate the total profit :

You can place 4 links the the footer, depending on your promotion and the quality of you theme, you can sell links for about 10-60$ a piece. So approximately, you will receive 100-240$. The price of a theme fluctuates between 40 and 80 dollars.

So the total profit is about 70-160$. Remember, everything depends on you and your promotion 🙂

Good luck and have fun Making Money With WordPress.


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