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[Expired] Make Money Writing Articles for Free with

The idea of making money for free has been spreading over the Internet for a pretty long time and now everyone seems to be talking about ways of making money on the Internet. I don’t see anything special about it, as far as I have been working on the web for several years already.

If you are willing to start making money online with no investment, then making money by writing content is probably the best solution for you. Various newspapers and information sources are always looking for new articles and reviews, if you wan to earn money by writing, then you’d better watch out for these sites.

I do want to help you find the best ways of earning money online, that is why I wan to write several lines about This is a great place to monetize your writing skills. This paid to write website allows you to publish your content and gain lifetime rewards for your published material.

How to make money online for free by writing articles at

To cut long story short, allows you to write about your favorite things and get money for it. is yet another Google Adsense revenue sharing website, but adsense is not the only way of monetizing your pages at On Go Bee.

OnGoBee - free way to make money online

At users make money by creating special content pages, which are called Gobees. On these pages such ad units could be placed – Google Adsense, VigLink, and Amazon.

As for the revenue split, you will be getting 60% of the money generated by your content pages via Google Adsense. Speaking of Amazon Associates Ads – you are the one to pick which products to advertise and additionally you get 80% of the money made (the same rules apply to VigLink ads).

Most of the time, when I use get paid to write websites and Google Adsense revenue sharing networks, I try to both earn money and promote my websites and blogs. In this terms, is a good website tool. The posts get indexed fast and you can even receive SEO benefits from them, as far as they allow you to leave dofollow links in your articles.

All in all, impressed me in a way. Now I know yet another website, where I can post my articles and reviews and get a chance of making money for free. I would really like to hear your thoughts about this paid to write website too. Feel free to comment or suggest your favorite sites for earning money by writing content.


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