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The popularity of my blog about making money online is the result of the huge interest from people. Many of us think that working online and getting paid for misc. jobs online is fast and easy – telling the truth it is. Most of the time, you can earn money by doing simple stuff online, even by playing games.

I can’t actually concentrate on one make money over the Internet niche, because my subscribers are ready to kill me already (they crave for my answers to their questions). I am still being asked about websites, where you can make money by submitting articles (I have already told you about getting paid by

Well, as in the situation with – this website allows you to create your niche web page and even add links to your personal blog or website. And also they have a revenue sharing program, under the terms of which, you keep the revenue share generated by your HubPages webpage.

I have actually been looking for web 2.0 websites, which allow you to promote your actual blog and get some money from Google Adsense (because you can add ad links to your pages and receive 50% of the profit, as far as I remember).

How to earn with xomba

So the website I will tell you about is called Xomba – here you can write your niche articles and submit them to the Xomba readers. It is a large community of writers, which share expert knowledge in all possible spheres of study. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account, you can set up one by using Xomba’s interface and start getting paid for your articles.

According to website’s how to page – all articles get indexed in major search engines, which guarantees you an instant traffic flow and the opportunity to generate some advertising clicks. This means that you can also put some links to your blog and website, which will give you more blog readers (that’s just a small tip).

This web 2.0 project can give you some benefits – here to can find some good readers to your blog (which will follow your updates) and make some extra money (if you already have a Google Adsense account, or apply for one account).

Thanks for reading, and I would like to remind you about the opportunity of making money with – this is the hottest make money online program of the 2009, and I hope that I will manage to earn even more money with this get paid to upload site.

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