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Making Money on the Internet by Sharing Files at

Earn money on the Internet is always fun – just think of it, in order to make money you just need to posses the quality information and know what you are doing.

If you have these things – all you have to do next is just data entry work. It concerns almost any make money online niche – paid blogging, freelance writing, paid forum posting and even earning money by sharing files on the internet.

Most of the time I am trying to come up with new earning opportunities when it comes to earning money on the web. As far as I am a student, earning money is always though for me, at least it used to be when I didn’t know about chances of getting paid for simple online jobs. But now I own this pretty blog and as I promised will tell you more about earning money online by sharing files.


I hope that you remember my blog post where I explained how paid to share websites work, and now I will write another review – hopefully informative enough for every reader of

So as far as you remember, my number one websites that pays you to upload is (among the ones I tried before). The key reason for choosing this one as my favorite is that I am awaiting my second payment from them, and I recommend to read my Uploading success story and payment proof post.

Well seriously – earning money for something you already do on the Internet really makes me think how stupid I used to be spending days online at social websites like FaceBook and stuff, but I guess I am smarter now. review

Ok, lets get rolling and talk about, which is a pretty unique get paid to share website, and I am really sorry and I haven’t featured it in my guide to earning money with free file hosting websites. As soon as you register at, you have the ability to upload your files and host them online for free. Also you have the ability to share your file download links (well it’s the main idea of making money online with free online hosting websites) and receive up to 60 cents per download. Yes, such rates seem incredibly insane, but I will try to explain you how the whole website works.

Disadvantages of

  1. You get paid only for downloads from UK, USA, Canada
  2. Users (file downloaders) have to complete an offer or a surveys in order to compete a file
  3. International members can’t download files at all

Advantages of

  1. Pretty good download speed
  2. Surveys and offers are not that hard to complete
  3. Extremely high payouts and payments
  4. Money will be sent to PayPal (20$ minumum)
  5. Thousands of satisfied webmasters – check out their forums and google for “ payment”
  6. Unlimited storage space
  7. Ability to upload files up to 150MB registration

After giving you these statistic I would like to explain some stuff. So when you register as webmaster and share files, yo do get up to 60 cents per offer, which is ~600$ per 1000 downloads – it’s a perfect deal if you know where to find US (UK, CA) traffic and files that are really rare on the Internet.

This website is really popular among file sharing webmasters – just take a look at ChareCash forum and you will see what I am talking about.

As for the offer thing (the one users have to complete before downloading the file) it’s not a big deal as far as you are sharing quality stuff and know where your traffic is from.

Just take a look at the “Feedback” section, people claim that they average $0.3 per download, which is 30-60 times more than at other websites I have been writing about before.

All in all, is an incredible income opportunity for everyone, especially if you are interested in earning cash by spreading the download links. Oh, I have almost forgot to tell you about the 10% referral bonus, which makes earning money online with even easier.


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