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Making Money Online with – My Earnings on Squidoo

I spend several years in the search of best ways to make money online. I know that anyone from any country in the world can make money online with no investment. Different people prefer different work at home opportunities but I prefer writing content for money.

At first I used upfront paying sites for earning money by writing content but helped me to find the real potential of revenue sharing sites. I created several test lenses on Squidoo and was amazed how much money I was getting from them (I compared these rates with sites with upfront pay).


How to earn more money with

If you still don’t know about Squidoo, I will review it in several worlds. It is a community, where anyone can create content pages, so called lenses and get a chance to make money online by writing them. Users have a chance to monetize their lenses with Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Text-Link-Ads, Amazon and Ebay ads. Every member can contribute his/her earnings to charity or receive 50% of revenue. Additionally members can refer active members and get 5 dollars for every active referral. Check out my initial review for more info about ways to make money online with Squidoo. - free way to make money online by writing

I created my lens and it earned me more than 7 dollars (this is very good, if you compare to upfront paying sites like Associated Content, which pay 2-5 dollars for every article). And what makes this site even better for earning, I will be able to get paid from this article lifetime (and make even more money if I go on updating it).

How much can you make by writing on Squidoo

There are several keys to earning money with Squidoo:
– Traffic – your earnings greatly depend on the number of visits your lens generates. The better you are at attracting traffic, the more money you can earn
– Lens rank – this is a special metric, which shows how popular your lens is within Squidoo community
– Number of Squid likes – this metric could improve your lens rank tremendously and you will be able to earn even more money

Getting your squid-rank boosted could help you make even more money with Squidoo and here are the things, which helped me to boost my rank from 5000 to 30 (I am trying to get to top 5 but still didn’t get there).

Tips for boosting squid rank on

1) Daily activity – by being active on Squidoo you can earn more points and get higher member level. For on every new level you can get a chance to boost your lenses and win prizes, which make earning money with Squidoo easier. You can get more points by visiting lenses on Squidoo, leaving comments and clicking “Squid like” button.
2) New content for your articles – by adding content to your articles you are sure to get your rank up. I update my lenses almost every day and my lens rank grew up tremendously.
3) Likes and comments – new comments and likes of your lenses give you additional points, which helps you to level up and to boost your lens rank.

These simple steps helped me to boost your lens tremendously and I made to the top 100 in Business and Work category within a week. I am not going to stop here and will work on updating my lenses. I do hope you liked this article and will be able to make good money by writing content at, just like I do.


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