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How Much We Managed to Make by Writing Articles on

While working on the Internet I tried numerous work at home opportunities and ways to earn cash from home, these were freelance writing, paid surveys, online blogging, paid forum posting and even web design.

Each of these home-based jobs helped me to gain experience and, which is more important, find my niche to make good money online. I have always been keen on finding out new things and sharing them with my friends. Having practiced a lot, I started blogging and writing how-to guides and reviews. This work at home opportunity has a lot of benefits – I can work whenever I want and I am in change of my earnings. If you would like to start writing articles for money, then is the best choice for you.


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If you are not familiar with Squidoo, here are some articles for your reference: review – here is my first article, where I said a few words about earning money online by writing at

My first Squidoo earnings – this is the very first article before I started my test. Below you will see the results.

How much can one make by writing for

This is the question, which bothers a lot of beginner writers, who are serious about writing content for cash at For the last past month I ran a little test with my account on this “get paid to write” website and I managed to earn $53.28 for creating and promoting just one article on Squidoo dot com. In this post I would like to give you some tips and draw your attention to things, which I took into consideration, when I was writing and promoting my Squidoo article.

Make money online by writing for

Lens rank and on-site activity

First of all, Squidoo is a community, where users come to gain and share knowledge. By being active on this site (by this I mean daily activity, frequent lens updates, comments on other lenses, participation in contests, visiting interesting articles and reviews) you can earn points and improve your member level. By unlocking new levels you will gain access to freebies and trophies, which can help you drive additional traffic to your lens (and traffic means ad revenue and affiliate sales).

Lens rank is a very important feature, which influences the amount of ad revenue share you are getting. The lower your rank is, the higher your chances of making good money by writing for Squidoo are.

Speaking of my example, my Squidoo article is only a Tier 2 one (if I manage to promote it to get a Tier 1, I think I would be getting more than twenty dollars per month from ads on this lens).

Lifetime royalties

Remember that is a revenue sharing community, where your earnings are dependent of your lens activity. So, unlike companies, which pay a flat fee for every article, with this get paid to write site you can write an article once, market it and receive life-long royalties. Now I am starting to think this work at home opportunity over, trying to find time to create more lenses, promote them and see how much I can make. If one article earned me $53.28 up to date and shows positive traffic growth, I think I will be giving me automated earnings of 10-20 dollars per month for the next several months (please note that I got that much money only from ad revenue share, if I had affiliate links in my article, I guess I would have earned much more money but it is a whole different story). - free way to make money online by writing

Professionally written and keyword rich content

It took me about four months to make my page popular on Squidoo. I have to confess that I spent about five hours researching content and writing my article. My efforts definitely paid off and here are things, which were on my must have list:

1) I had to be an expert in the topic I was writing about. So I did a lot of research (both content and keyword research). I didn’t target long-tail keywords nor tried to enter a non-competitive niche (it was not smart of me but I wanted to challenge myself, if I spent more time looking for a non-competitive niche, I would have had less time for promotion).

2) Content writing skills – I had to be precise and didn’t want to bore my readers with useless content.

3) Proper keywords and tags – while creating my first lens I spent a lot of time filling in all the information till my article was 100% complete.

4) Promotion, promotion, promotion. I didn’t do as well as I wanted with the promotion. Basically what I did – I created several promotional articles for my lens, submitted it to some of my blogs and used one or two forums to get links to my article.

5) Time for daily activity on Squidoo – I was working on adding some new information to my article almost every day, this definitely boosted my lensrank and gave me an opportunity to get traffic from social networks (every time I added something new to the article, I tweeted it and used FB to get more likes).

Well, to sum everything up: is a superb way to make money online for free by writing content. I created an article, did some promotion and I think that I would be earnings royalties for the next several months, if not years, on automated basis. I have attached a screenshot of my earnings, hopefully it will work as an encouragement for you.

If you liked this article, please share it on social networks and leave your comments below if I didn’t answer any of your questions. Good luck and hopefully you will be able to beat my Squidoo earnings record.


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