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Informational development and Internet have created a perfect environment for companies and businessmen. With the help of the world wide web companies outsource certain amount of their work making it possible for international workers to work from home and manage their work schedule.

Also many companies have launched their websites and communities, which need to be moderated and worked on, as many corporate websites have an aim of providing informational customer service or moderating member communities.

There are some companies, which specialize in community management and one of them is looking for new employees. The company is called and let us tell more about this job opportunity.

What is is hiring moderators and support representatives

Metaverse Mod Squad is a team of professionals, who are providing content management, customer support and social media moderation services. This team is working for popular companies, whose web portals have millions visitors per day and their job is to engage these visitors and solve website any rule violations.

Right now MetaverseModSquad is looking to hire new employees, who will be working in their teams and providing such services:

– content moderation and community engagement: these are basic community managers, who interact with website users, publish new content, remove or edit posts by visitors and make sure they obey community rules.

– customer support workers: many companies have live support system for their customers via Internet, so these workers sort emails from customers or answer their questions in chats;

– social media experts: official pages in social networks have become inevitable attributes of any company these days, so looking after them requires professional experience and attention.

To learn more about these job opportunities and send out your application please visit this link:

Also we would recommend checking out other similar moderation jobs here:,,

We have read a good deal of Internet reviews of MetaverseModSquad and have come to a conclusion that this is a legit job opportunity and all members of their teams enjoy working on community moderation.

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