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Subscribe!Get the latest job alerts and news from IncomeBooster – The Only Way To Earn From Data Entry – Amazon MTurk is one of the most popular Internet stores. A lot of people buy stuff there every day and Amazon has started to run out of staff members, so they have created an website, where everyone can earn easy money online. But the whole idea has been expanded and now on this site, organizations and individuals offer certain tasks which can not be performed by machines and advertisers offer you money for simple tasks.  Any MTurk member earns money for these jobs and price per job varies from several cents to several dollars.


What does HIT stand for?

HIT “Human Intelligence Tasks” – the assignments, which are being offered at MTURK. The real point of this website is to give people a chance to earn on something, machines can not do. The easiest tasks that are listed on their website are:

Select the correct spelling for these search terms
Is this website suitable for a general audience?
Find the item number for the product in this image
Rate the search results for these keywords
Are these two products the same?
Choose the appropriate category for products
Categorize the tone of this article
Translate a paragraph from English to French

As you can see, the offer is pretty cool. I bet that many of us waste time surfing the net, but here is a chance that can be your hobby. For instance you know some foreign language, but don’t know where you can practice it. But now you have an one of a kind opportunity to try out your language skills and get paid for it.

If you feel like you’d mess up and will do something wrong, no worries – MTurk’s interface is pretty much user friendly and they have a lot of “how-to” guides.

According to my experience, registration takes about a minute, and after that you can start earning your first money online. It doesn’t hurt to try and I bet that you will start earning a lot of money at some point. Currently the payment is credited to your Amazon account, and these money can be used for on-store purchases, redeemed for credit cards or sent to your bank account (for US only) .

Currently there are 21,238 HITs available, so you can start making some money online. Also, this website is a great way to earn for Indians, because money can be exchanged for rupees.


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