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My Second Payment – News and Updates about Earning with Filesharing

I am really glad that I have finally published my article about earning money by sharing files (which is about 2500 words long – as far as I remember).

I have spent a good deal of time writing down and gathering all this information about websites that pay you to upload and share your media files.

All in all, I hope that you are looking for ways to apply this method to your website and make some money using the technique of getting paid for uploading files to free file hosting websites.

You can sure consider using new websites (free file sharing hosts) I have just reviewed. Do you remember my guide to getting cash with

It’s a pretty good resource for everyone who has got a website, but doesn’t know how to monetize it. Apart from sharing webmaster resources, I have tried uploading music videos and brand new albums – and I must say I am impressed with the results of my Internet work.

Success in money making

Anyways, according to the title on this post – I have some great news for those, who are willing to make money on the Internet by uploading and sharing various files.

I have already given you certain tips about earning cash using this make money online technique.

This time I have received another 30$ payment from (which means that I average 2-3$ a day from file uploading), and my PayPal payment was completed in something like 5 or 6 day (which is very good, considering that they ask you 10 business days before you get your money).

My second payment

As for the making money with, I didn’t pay much attention to the news from the website, and it was surprising for me to see that you get paid now up 20$ per 1000 downloads (which means 20 bucks for a thousand downloads from US, Canada and Russia – pretty good deal).

It is a great way of earning money over the Internet considering the fact that we share various files (software, icons, images or any other files) with our friends or relatives.

I am looking forward to developing this work from home niche even more, that is why I am constantly looking for new websites that pay you to upload files on their servers. Also I would be glad to answer any of your questions (if you have any of course).


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