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Students are always in the search of extra income. This social class is more likely to take up part-time jobs while taking classes to pay off their education debts faster, not to mention that this part-time employment helps them gain first work experience.

Apart from making extra money, every student knows how important it is to save money or generate extra cash by selling unused items. Unused text books fall into this category and can easily be sold for quick money. Unlike a search for actual people interested in buying your college books (which is a time-consuming process), selling used books to Internet stores is quick and profitable. is one of such websites and let us write a quick description of this book buyback service.

This method to earn for students is unfortunately open to US residents only. Please visit “Further reading” action to find similar opportunities.

[toc] – background information

My Book Cart is an Internet based service providing college students (or people having used textbooks or audiobooks in good condition) with an opportunity to sell their books online for quick profit.

Sell used book and audiobooks at

Instead of leaving your books laying around and gathering dust, let others use them by shipping them for free to and get a monetary reward for your book. MyBookCart accepts such books: non-fiction, recently published textbooks, audiobooks, business and history books (please visit their website to locate a full list of supported book types). This offer is open only to US residents and only books with valid ISBN numbers will be accepted by the site.

Selling used books online

In brief, the process of selling your books to MyBookCart is as follows:

–         Check your book condition: only books without stains, water damage and undamaged binding are eligible for a monetary reward.

–         Make sure your book is in demand: visit and enter ISBN numbers of your books to verify whether they will be bought by My Book Cart service.

–         Prepare your books for shipping: in your member account you will be able to find a packaging slip and a prepaid shipping laben to go on the box with your books. Make sure you pack your books thoroughly, lest they should be damaged during transportation.

–         Ship your books from the United States Post office: bring the package to your local post office and notify the employee about your prepaid package ready for shipping.

–         Receive money for the books: book delivery takes about six days, after this period MyBookCart employees will grade the condition of your books and deposit a certain amount of money in your account. Having money in your account, you will be able to withdraw it via PayPal, check or a book store gift card. Payments are completed within two days after the request.

Referral program

Every registered user has a chance to generate extra income by recommending MyBookCart to his/her family members, friends or acquaintances. For every person, who registers and sells at least one book, you will receive 10% of the money they manage to make with

To learn more about this possibility please visit MyBookCard FAQ area. credibility

No one should have reasons to suspect that MyBookCart is not a legitimate Internet business. They have been working in this niche for over five years and you can contact them by phone or send them all your questions via email. We have not found any negative reviews of this book buyback program either.

Further reading
is one more resource for selling books online for your to check out. They work not a whole lot differently than but it is worth checking if you have a lot of books to sell. review helps us to develop the topic of methods to earn for students and graduate. This awesome resource helps tutors and people, who want to take up Internet tutoring make money by solving high school math problems.

Roundup and final thoughts

On the basis of my personal teaching experience, I can tell that many students rarely refer to their textbooks, when the term is over. Students spend a lot of money buying new books every year and it only causes the increase of their school debt, so services like can help students earn extra money by selling their textbooks or audiobooks online and help other students get affordable books at the same time.

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