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Freelance writing opening belong to the list of the most common opening on current job market. It makes perfect sense as companies, big and small – all over the world are looking for fresh content for their Internet projects.

If you are looking forward to earning additional income on the Internet, then you should start learning more about the standards of online writing, as this niche will be hot for a while.

Many experienced writers know that most of the time they get  to write about things they need to have researched. But we found a website, which pays money for creating short descriptions of things/news you already know about. The site is called and here is some reasons why you should check it out.

What is

The creators of NewsLines position their creation as a new generation of wiki website, where users create short descriptions about recent news.

Such descriptions are being furnished with related links, images and videos, which will help any reader understand the main idea of the news item.

If you are interested in such an offer, please refer to this page:

Please note that at the moment you’d have to contact the support in order to find out about new openings in the writing team.

Once accepted, writers receive $1 for every quick 100-200 word write-up. This website should be treated as an additional income opportunity only. But what we like about this web project is that the payout limit is only $20 and users from any PayPal supported country are welcome to join.

If you weren’t able to start earning money with this website, please check out other places to find freelance writing jobs:,,,,,,,,,,

All in all, we consider to be a great website for beginner writers, who would like to get the feel of writing online for money and would like to earn extra money for sharing their thoughts on global news.

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