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The Web2.0 era is giving us more and more ways to make money online. The amount of social bookmarking websites is constantly growing and every owner is trying to give his or her project a new look and functionality. has taken the concept a few steps forward by mixing three things – social news, social bookmarking site and RSS aggregator with own ads monetization.

When you make money online with blogs, Rss aggregator idea is just awesome – Newsvine allows link to the articles you’ve seen on the web or in the press. It seems to be like Digg and Reddit, but Newsvine has a twist. This Web2.0 website gives you a chance to add your own articles and earn money for ads shown on your Newsvine page.


After you register your free Newsvine account, you will automatically receive your own column (blog/webpage) and your own web address (e.g. “”) where you can write articles, seed links, collect friends, and a host of other things.

You can write about anything you like in your column as long as it follows the TOS (e.g. no hate speech, no advertising, etc.). Get 90% of the revenue generated by your visitors.

How does Newsvine work? How to get traffic from Newsvine?

After such a long time blogging, I’m looking at every Web2.0 project as at traffic source, and News Vine is not an exception. To get started you sign up for free and start posting links and articles to all of your web properties – it could be anything with an RSS feed – blog, EzineArticles author feed, ect.

When you have a list of your links, just add them up writing a descriptive keyword rich snippet. When other readers visit your page, they have an option to vote for your entries (best entries get high reputation).

Newsvine encourage people to write original content too, this gives you higer chances to get cached in Google and get some high positions. So Newsvine is a great thing to use for your search engine optimization practices.


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