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The trends on modern Internet job market change rapidly. Not very long ago one of the hottest niches was blogging and copywriting but nowadays everyone seems to be looking for hot transcription work (however, we still consider that any stay at home work in the writing and editing field is worth checking out).

In modern information technology society many companies need audio content to be converted into written form, so even construction companies are hiring transcriptionists. is one of these companies and let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

What is


Notevault is a professional company, which prides itself on finding solutions for construction and infrastructure projects all over the USA. They are hiring for various positions at the moment but we would like to concentrate at the only work at home position, which is available at the moment. is hiring transcriptionists on stay at home basis

It should to pointed out right away that Notevault is looking for experienced transcriptionists from USA, who are ready to work on 1099 contractor basis.

To learn more about this opportunity and fill out an application form, please visit their “we are hiring” page:

Accepted transcribers will work on recreating various construction reports, logs and lists in the desired text form. Proper grammar, punctuality and experience in this field are a must-have.

Speaking of equipment, you will only need a computer hooked up to a secure Internet connection and a decent set of headphones.

Notevault is not an opportunity for people, interested in getting into transcription business. They are looking for experienced professionals, so if you are still learning on how to work in this niche, you may check out similar job listings from other companies:,,,,,,

All in all, Notevault sounds like a pretty good company to consider working for provided you have proper experience. Please let us know about your thoughts and experience with this company in the comment section below.

Notevault is currently looking for transcriptionists (work on 1099 contractor basis with an opportunity to work from home).

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