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Organic Traffic VS Visits From Referring Sites – SEO Challenge

In terms of my guide to earning money with referrals, I am starting a new post on search engine optimization.

Small tip for using this website, I’m counting on those people, who regularly visit my website and actually read what I am writing (usually members find my posts helpful, but you have to at least read, not just email me asking the same questions over and over again). Anyways, I do recommended you to follow my latest make money online tutorials, using this link or just subscribe to your news feed, using the “Subscribe” link.

In my previous posts I have given you some advice including:

  • decide which programs to promote (preferably paid to watch movies websites, which pay good money for referring new people to your referral links)
  • write up some articles (this is vital for newbie blog readers, unless you want to answer the same questions over and over again)
  • create a free blog and write on daily basis about sites, where you can earn money (creating your first website would lead you to making good money online not just by clicking and finding referrals, but also for running your own website)

Assuming that you have actually read and have done what I suggested, you may end up asking – where to get traffic and which sites for getting visitors to use. Let me break down the most popular sources of traffic for a free blog:

1. Organic traffic – visitors from various search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Remember that search engine traffic is usually targeted, so you can get higher conversions. In order to get more traffic you need to pay more attention to SEO, which will eventually higher your search rankings.

2. Traffic from referring websites.These could be various directories, blog top sites, Yahoo answers, article directories or any other traffic generation method I have suggested you to use before.

I would really recommend you using both traffic sources, but if you are looking for a better website and blog monetization, you need to find out more about SEO (search engine optimization) and work on your website. As soon as you do that, you will receive a lot of leads and ad clicks, which always means a lot of money.

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