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Paid Forum Posting And Writing Opportunities – Review

New and new ways of making money online are being introduced every week. Nowadays, it’s crucial to pick the matching way of making money from Internet. As for me, freelance content writing and paid forum posting are the easiest ways of earning cash in your spare time.

But many administrators, who offer you money for writing and forum posting don’t always treat this business seriously, unless they have a lot of offers for you. Recently I’ve been looking for a serious paid to post and paid to write opportunity, and I think I’ve found the right one.

“Why is it the right one?” – I bet that’s the thought you have in your mind. The first thing I love about this company is the attitude. I left a comment on this website and asked administrator about making money in spare time.

Get Paid To Post On Forums And Paid To Write

Telling the truth, I got the reply in less then 24 hours and the user on the other end was really friendly to me. He explained me what Marketing YP offers:

1. You can make money online in your spare time writing short stories for marketing YP

2. Anyone can get paid to post on forums and public message boards

Writers can sign-up by going to Marketing YP and then click on the signup button. The registration takes several minutes, and there is no requirement to complete trial posts.

Once you fill in the required information (I’ve got to mention that your data is completely sate), you will have to confirm your email. After doing this, your account will be fully activated and you can start making money online with paid forum posting. I’ve asked the administrator about the overall process and here’s what I can recommend you –

It is important to edit your account. Make sure it reflects all your writing skills (forum posting, article writing, weblog posting).  Personally I prefer paid forum posting services, so I asked more about the rates for this sort of work.

When new paid posting offers are added to the Marketing YP database, you’d be able to see the listings in your database, also you are able to bid/post the price for the certain type of work. On average, you are paid $0.10 per post/thread.  However, there are chances for a little extra with a quick turnaround or doing a great job on multiple projects.

Didn’t pay much attention to paid article writing, but I think that trial posts are required, but this is the company you should consider applying to.

If you treat your internet business right, then you have a great chance to succeed, just like Marketing YP. It’s a great way to earn good money for something you already do – post on forums and public boards.


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