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Perform Usability Testing Online and Make Money with

Do you like checking out new websites, have experience with Internet or specialize in web development or usability testing? If so, then I would like to show you a pretty interesting website, with the help of which you can earn money online by checking out various Internet projects and making critical video reviews of them.

Nowadays usability and website improvement is one of the most popular webmasters’ headaches. offers website owners an opportunity to have their sites reviewed by real people, who will state their honest thoughts about selected websites. UserFeel project connects website owners, who want to improve their websites by listening to the feedback of testers (mostly Internet professionals, who have a lot of experience with world wide web and are not afraid to give critical reviews. is similar to other sites, which pay money for doing usability testing, which I reviewed on previously. I recommend using all services to improve your chances to make money online in such a way. - get paid to test websites and make reviews

On their website you will be able to find detailed information on how to become a tester and receive money for creating video reviews (users a furnished with top-notch software for creating such videos). In the review you are required to talk on the microphone and point out at problematic website zones.

Basically your tasks are: to give your overall impression on the website; point to all sections, features or zones, which confuse you; provide comments and ideas on how to improve selected website; complete a set of requirements by the website owner and create a short written review.

In order to become a tester you need to fill out an application form and to go through a sample test. Usability testers at receive $10 for every completed test and according to their website, testers are capable of earning 100-200 dollars per month. Currently payments are carried out with the help of PayPal. is a pretty interesting way to make money from home in your spare time. Even though this earning opportunity cannot replace your daily job, it can help you develop skills of a video reviewer or a copywriter, which can be applied with other online jobs, for example: is an Interesting community of Internet shoppers, who create video reviews of products they have tried and receive money and prizes for every approved video review. is also I great platform for publishing articles online. You can post any type of content, including reviews, and get money for your writing.

I hope that you liked my review of and would try this work online opportunity. In my future posts I will try to review some other interesting money-making opps. So in order to receive them for free, please subscribe to Thanks for reading and good luck earning cash with usability testing.

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