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Writing articles for money, doing freelance programming and taking surveys on the Internet – these are just some ways of earning money from home, which require almost no time to get started but have a pretty good earning potential.

Over the past years, in my head I have built a concept that world wide web gives us a superb chance to monetize your hobbies and skills. If you browse the contents of my blog you will see that those, who like journalism and writing can make money by doing copywriting jobs, programmers and designers can use Internet to take up freelance programming and design jobs and to top it all, people, who do in for photography have a great opportunity to monetize their skills by selling photos online. Why don’t we talk more about this work at home technique today.

Quality stock photography is in a big demand nowadays. This type of images is being used by companies, bloggers and website owners for creating logos, banners and advertising. So if you have a good camera and photography skills then you are all set for creating your photo album and earning money by selling images. is a website, which is sure to come handy and help you in such a mission. - sell photographs online for money is a pretty interesting stock photography agency, where you can register, crate an album for your photographs and receive money every time one of your images is being sold. One of the key benefits of that you can both promote your albums and rely on their search feature, which allows their PhotoboxGallery customers to search one photo-database (it includes the photos of all members).

As for the fees, owners charge only 10% of the revenue generated by your images. Visit their website and visit the FAQ area to find out which photo sizes are accepted and how much they are being sold for (there I found out that an average revenue from every photo sale is about $1.25).

How do photographers get paid on In order to receive a cashout, a member is to earn at least 50 GBP and wait a 14-day clearance period. Payments are handled by PayPal processor.

All in all, earning money with photos is a pretty awesome way to generate revenues on the Internet or even to set up a home-based business (please check out a category dedicated to this opp to find out more about other stock photography sites). In my upcoming posts I am planning to feature some other great sites for making cash with photographs, if this technique is interesting for you, please subscribe to and follow our online business news in social networks.

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