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PIMP Out Your Blog with two New Money Making Plugins

I was just goofying around, and have seen an ad with something like : “Make Money Online WIth A WordPress Plugin”. So that gave me another post idea “Yohooo!”. So this time, I will show you two WP plugins that may bring you more money. The first one is called : “Buy Me A Beer/Coffee”.

This WordPress plugin allows your readers to donate money to you via PayPal. The plugin is widget enabled. This means that you can add a cool widget to your blog, so users could easily send you PayPal payments :). I’m on the way to find out more about this plugin. You may be the first one to buy me a coffee (look for link above). Stay tuned for updates, because I will reward the first donator.

Therefore, you can read more about this plugin (how it actually works and how to install it, ect) could be found here

The other one is more straight forward. PayPal Donation Widget For WordPress is a cool WordPress plugin which can be used to insert a PayPal Donate Button in your WordPress sidebar without you needing to mess with any HTML code. It allows visitors of your site to make a donation or contribution via PayPal, the most popular and largest online payment processing service there is. This plugin is widget ready and it’s even easier to configure it… As far I have the “Buy Me A Beer/Coffee” plugin, I haven’t used this one yet, but you are sure free to do it and tell us how good it is.

Conclusion : WP gives you more and more opportunities to make money online and no one refuses that. Now you can ask your readers to donate to you with these cool plugins. Hopefully I will generate some money for a beer (at least I hope, lol). Enjoy the plugins and leave us a coment or trackback.


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