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Earn Money Online By Playing Free Games – Review

More and more people ask me whether it’s possible to make money online. And the most common idea of making money online for average teenager is to earn cash online by playing games.  After looking for a short while I’ve found out about

What is website? is a website where you can play various trivia games and earn special points which are called tokens. I’d like to speak more about tokens.

So what actually are tokens?

Tokens are the special points you can win during the game. The amount of points really depends on the game and the tournaments. Also I’d like to stress that you earn tokens only for 1-3 places in every trivia game.


There are many contests that take part every week. You can exchange tokens to tickets into monthly drawings, where you can win various prizes (they do differ, so I don’t want to write the current ones).

I think that the next question to arise is – “What games is there to play?”

They have both multi-player and single-player games. Some of them include: Balloon Buster2, Route 66, Diamond Mind 2. And the multi-player games – Yatzy, Bingo Spinner, Ludo and more.

Ok, now more about the registration -signing up is easy and completely free, just go to play and wins home page and click new member. The only data they ask you is your name, email address and your location.

As for my experience in this game, I have been playing this game of a while and it is sometimes boring, but it can addictive too, just depends on your personality.

I’ve had a lot of tokens and eventually given then away to my friend, who is now playing this game (because I don’t have time for games now).

I’ve seen a lot of people win cool stuff here, and I’m sure that you are not an exception.


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