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I see that more and more people take advantage of the availability of various Internet retail stores and movie rents. Usually we get a lot of discounts from such websites, but we can’t always get enough of freebies. I just love free stuff and free money, yes free cash – I like to take surveys for money and prizes online, I admit that.

What would you say to ordering stuff from for free? I think that you’d like it big time. Let me just explain you a little more.

When we think of get paid to websites, an image of offers and checks is the first thing that comes to my mind. But what if instead of cash you will receive on store credits? Well, Points2Shop is all about this.

First of all you need to register at Points2shop website and choose one of the make money opportunities – paid offers, referral affiliate program or surveys.

Like at many other similar sites, you can earn cash by completing offers, filling in surveys and referring people. At points2shop you receive special credits or so called points for shopping at


But there are some other things you should know, you can only pay out 50% of the product price with the points earned at this GPT website, the rest of the order cost should be paid for you (don’t really know if they still have this rule, but they did for sure).

So as you see, the points earned at survey website can be treated as real currency and I think if you don’t want to buy something at Amazon, there’d be people willing to buy your points.

But don’t let that cool you off, you don’t really have to complete offers and fill in surveys. Telling the truth 80% of my GPT (Get Paid To) earnings are referral, so if you know how to set up a website and SEO it well – making money online with surveys is just for you.

According to referral program you will receive 15% from the members you have referred (only USA, UK or CA) and 3% of money earned by their referrals.

In such cases everything is about promotion, just be creative and use some of my tips:

  1. Create a free blogger website and write informative guides about GPT websites. Include images, screenshots and step by step tutorials.
  2. Do some good keyword research. Don’t pick highly competitive phrases.
  3. It’s time for some promotion. First of all, browse niche forums, pretend that you are a newbie and ask questions about a website you are trying to promote. Ask your friends to “help you out” and post your website link in the thread you have created (this trick always works, but don’t get caught for double accounts).
  4. Use as many Web 2.0 projects as you can. All of them bring a lot of traffic, but the conversion rates are really low. Try to generate traffic with and other social bookmarking websites.
  5. Create a Hub Page, earn extra cash with Google Adsense and communicate with bloggers, who will want to check out your publication.
  6. Google Knol is a brand new resource to submit your articles too. It’s like a Google based Wiki, which is created by users too. Creating Google Knols is easy and profitable.
  7. Try to update your blog frequently, Google loves new, fresh and unique content.

Update: You can withdraw cash with PayPal too. I’ve just tried to cash out 1$ and received it very quick.

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