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Proven Way to Make Money with Copywriting – Review

Every day this blog is being visited by hundreds of visitors, who would like to make money online for free. Here I write reviews of sites, which offer various work at home and get paid to opportunities. I try to find the best sites and provide links to them for you.

Earning cash on the Internet by writing articles and review is one of my favorite ways to make money in my free time. Recently I found a good site for copywriters and would like to give you a short review of this site. It is called and here you can earn money by completing copywriting tasks.

How to make money with copywriting? is a website, which connects copywriters and people, who want to buy they content writing services. On this site you can both buy articles and make money online by writing various types of content.

Get paid to write at

This company offers similar services, as (you can read my review of TextBroker here) and other ones offering upfront pay. On this website you can receive freelance writing assignments, complete them and make money for every word written.

The registration process can take some time, because you will have to fill out an application form and provide some samples of your work. Based on your copywriting expertise you will be assigned a certain user status. Depending on your status, you will be given a certain amount of assignments and certain price per word written (up to 2 cents per word).

Compared to other copywriting firms and sites, where writers can make money with their skills, is a pretty new company and they don’t have that many writing assignments. But I do have high hopes about this one and hope that I will be able to make good money online with this site.

If you like to write to earn money, then I highly recommend checking out I would appreciate comments from people, who have already worked with this company and can provide some tips for us.

All in all, making money online for free is something I will be learning more and more about. If you want to get free work at home updates and my tips on certain ways to make working from home easier, please subscribe to and don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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