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The variety of work at home jobs is getting only more abundant and these days people interested in securing an Internet-based job find it hard not only to find the best leads, but also to pick a niche they will be working in.

Data entry, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, proofreading, transcription – these are just some of the method to generate legit income either full time or part time. With this blog we are trying to pass the best opportunities for you, so you spend less time looking for the option, which suits you down to the ground.

Recently we started testing the earning potential of transcription jobs on the web and found some good websites to share with our fellow readers, is one of these and why don’t we learn more about it.

This online job lead is open to applicants internationally, beginner transcriptionists are welcome to submit their info too.

What is is a subdivision of a company providing professional transcription services to both large and small business owners. They are using well-trained transcribers to turn audio files (to-do lists, medical reports, notes, calls, legal/medical files, voicemail) into text. is hiring transcriptionists

This company owns several transcription services, including iDictate (this is a board for professionals and experienced workers, if you manage to perform well with Quicktate for a long time, you’d receive an invitation to work online for iDictate and get higher pay-rates).

Applying for a transcription job

If you are interested in doing transcription work online (listening to texts and reproducing them to text) you need to meet such requirements from

1. Be able to produce content with accurate spelling/punctuation;

2. Follow instructions and meet deadlines

3. Reproduce audio texts (ability to meet quality standards regardless of speakers’ accent).

4. Use your own equipment, supplies, facilities in the process of work, this is a work at home job (with free working schedule).

5. Be able to honestly carry out the work and present yourself as a reliable worker.

On their website they have not posted the pay rates but on forums we have found out that the pay is 2-4 cents per word transcribed (this is a good offer, taking into consideration that one can start without any experience).

To learn more about this job lead, find out the work terms and submit your application form, please refer to this page:

Further reading and are two legit resources you should check back to find additional online work on translation and transcription fields. They accept international members too.

Roundup and final thoughts

Applying for this work at home job should not take a lot of your time (the only challenging part is to find references) but it is definitely worth trying. Many people, who got hired by claim to have only positive experience with this employer. We do hope you will like transcription as a means of earning extra money online, so we’ll go on adding similar opportunities in our future posts.

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