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The Internet is getting bigger and bigger, so the main cause of this fact – there are more of free sites where you can join and earn fast by completing totally free offers, taking easy surveys, and do the online cash-back shopping. The amount of this websites is growing rapidly, so it’s hard to find the up-to-date information, I do the research every day, so I can tell with confidence that the website I’m reviewing today is paying.

Usually I state the real information, because I don’t want to use my referral link to attract people to websites. If someone uses the referral links, they do want to make some cash of you, I don’t so I think you can trust me…

So what is is free Internet company that gives you a change to get free gift-cards, or cash for taking surveys, or singing up for free or trial offers, you can also try out new products and write your truthful reviews. Every time you complete an offer or sign-up for a trial, you receive a certain amount of points (500 points are equal to 10$ gift card of your choice). And when you have a sufficient amount of credits, you can redeem them for a gift card or cash if you wish. Does it sound complicated? – No! gives you a unique chance to earn some cash in your spare time, but I’ve got to tell you about the requirements for joining QuizPoints.


In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid email address. Only US citizens are accepted at this time. Email is the only way to recover your password, so make sure you state the right one. If you have never tired get paid to websites, feel free to read my tutorial about making money on the Internet trying products.

Ok, now I’d like to explain the whole process of earning with Quiz Points in detail.

Telling the truth there are several ways of earning cash –

1. Take Surveys (sign up free for survey companies)

A lot of people tend to say that web surveys is another scam, but it’s not always true. There are some legit research companies, where anyone can make money online, for instance QuizPoints is a big exception, here you can earn money for sure, but not something like 50$ an hour.

2. Complete offers (some free, some cost money)

Earning money with offers is a whole different story. There are various strategies of earning and I think you know them now, if you have read the guide. There are three types of offers:

Free Registration Offers
Such offers are totally free, here you just have to submit personal information and apply for a service offered by the advertiser. Usually they ask you for your full name, email and place of residence. So you just join the community, and advertisers send you their offers from time to time (to your email of course). Providing the right information is a key to earning, you must avoid fraud, because such registrations are not credited. The average price for such sign-ups – $0.5-$2 (if you exchange the points).

Offers That Require A Credit Card
These offers usually require credit cards to activate trial membership. You can cancel the offer within the trial period and earn your money, and don’t pay credit card fees. Such registrations include: Netflix, Napster, Blockbuster offers etc. Such offers are worth more and can give you up to 50$.

Cash Back Shopping Offers
All of us use Internet for purchases. Here you have to visit the advertiser’s website and buy anything you like. For every purchase you will receive some money back (up to 10%). For instance: if you click the Ebay link and buy a 200$ product, so you will end up receiving 20$ in points at Quiz Points.

3. Earn credits by referring new users

There are sure more money to be make on this get paid to website. Like at DealBarbiePays you can also earn more points by spreading the word. would pay you to tell your friends about their website, and make them register with your referral link which looks like this

Due to financial crisis a lot of people would like to try something like this, so this type of websites is getting more and more popular nowadays. That’s why the only question would be – “How to find more active referrals?”

You can try out the most common and easy ways, which include:

  1. Email the referral link to your friends, but don’t spam to much.
  2. Post the link on social sites such as Facebook and Myspace
  3. Create a video on Youtube
  4. Start a blog, Squidoo lens or Google Knol
  5. Include the link to your blog in forum’s signature

And the last thing to know is payment information or how you get paid.

If you want to get your cash, you need at least 500 points in your account. Such amount of points is equal to¬† a gift cards or PayPal cash (10$). If you choose to receive a gift card – there are a lots of stores to choose from the most popular are, Best Buy, JCPenney, Kohl’s, GAP, Target, Borders, Wal-Mart, OldNavy ect.

As you can see, there are money to be made online. If you start your free blog and write about ways to make money, you get even more chances to earn cash. Just give it a try and you won’t regret it for sure!


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