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In my previous work from home articles I was paying a lot of attention to earning money with free Internet surveys and freelance job opportunities (getting paid for writing articles and answering questions for cash).

All these work from home and make money online techniques attract me a lot and I wan to write more about them and feature some website reviews here on These days I have a lot of luck by creating content on the Internet for money (this also applies to web services which give money for posting on forums and for answering questions on the net).

Well, I really wanted to find more websites, which give money for answering questions and after a long research I have stumbled upon one cool link (even though you can’t actually get money for sharing your knowledge with this service, but it is still a great service to know about and use on daily basis).

Get free prizes for answering questions and supplying expert advice at is a free Internet service, where users can ask and answer questions. The best thing about this website is that actual people give answers and you don’t have to rely on search engines, when you are doing your researches.

Anyways, with you can also earn special points for answering questions and rating other people’s answers (it is very similar to Yahoo Answers, but that service doesn’t give you prizes for your daily activity, but I have found a way of earning money with yahoo answers).

Get free Amazon prizes for answering questions at

Anyways, for every activity at users get special points and later on these points could be used for shopping on This service does look promising and I have seen some happy people, who have received free prizes for answering questions at

Well, is totally different from other websites I was writing about before. For example, gives you cash (revenue sharing) for answering questions and writing content on their Q&A website. But is indented to be more fun and earning money is not the main point of using this Internet service.

I am looking forward to using this question and answer service and will surely try to get some free prizes from them (I don’t think that this is going to be very hard, but I will report on my experience later on).

If you want to know what benefits I will be able to get from or would like to get free make money on-line updates, subscribe to (it is totally free and my readers enjoy every second of it).

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