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Rewarder – earn PayPal and Amazon currency by answering questions

Nowadays Internet is one of the most accessible sources of human knowledge and wisdom. Many scientific articles, newspaper and encyclopedia publications are available on the world wide web.

But the science is developing very fast nowadays and sometimes Internet does not have answer to all questions. This is where human powered question & answer websites come in handy. Right now there are several good websites, which people use for getting answers to their questions from real people. These websites are very good but not as good as Rewarder.

What is

Rewarder is a question & answer website, which uses money as an incentive for users to give high quality answers. Usually people, who ask questions online need to hear personal experience from other users and sometimes don’t mind paying a small amount of money for such informational help.

Rewarder – earn PayPal and Amazon currency by answering questions

Well, the creators of set up a system, where people can answer questions based on their personal experience and receive money for every answer, which is picked by the question author as the best.

To learn more about this service please visit this link:

This Q&A website is totally free to join and they even have a facebook and a mobile application to make browsing questions easier for you. Correct answers to questions can bring up to $10 each for you and you’ll have an option to withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card (please note that deducts a 20% service fee).

This is a pretty interesting concept to earn extra money with your knowledge in your spare time. There are some other similar websites, which we reviewed previously:, and a whole article dedicated to the topic.

We do like the idea standing behind the Rewarder project and would like to actively participate on this website. Please let us know of your experience with this Q&A website and don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comment section below.

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