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Get Paid To Play Trivia Games At

Looking for new ways to make money online is my hobby, that’s why I run this blot. And I do love to try out new websites, even if they turn out to be scams at the end. My favorite ones are those which offer something for free (it can be anything, I love this sort of stuff – gift cards, various merchandise, ect).

I am always into looking for something new, something that would make me money or give a chance to get some prizes this time I found out about

When I started playing it earned a lot of points. wasn’t that hard at all.  But the only problem is that you can never redeem these points in weekly shopping sprees – the problem is that offers only a few gift cards, and there are more people, who are quicker then me. Many people call RewardTV a scam, because of this.

They have several auctions that you can take part in, but it takes several month to earn point for $10 gift card (so the key is in referring friends, if they still have the referral system).  As for me, earning in this program depends on how much time you can afford to spend on this website. I want to tell you before you start – trivia games on are kind are easy to get addicted to I do enjoy playing them as well as thousands of other users/



Basically this trivia games are based on your personal experience and if you watch a lot of TV, you’d be pro in this games (questions usually include celebrity and television related stuff).

Also they do offer a lot of bonus points, this feature making this website a lot of fun, and you fell like you are getting paid for playing games. A lot of people say that making money online by playing games is a myth, but look – here is a legit way to do it.

In the end, I want to tell that this site is pretty cool, it is a lot of fun if you have a lot of spare time. In order to get your prizes, you need to be fast and quick-witted to get your prize asap.

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