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Can You Can Money In Virtual World? – Review

Second Life ( is a virtual world with the population of almost 2 million people. Here you can create your avatar (the three dimensional character) and be able to meet and chat with other people (who play this game on the other end). Here, everything can be done, it’s a virtual world (some people say that they hold online meetings with Second Life). Using this website you can buy, sell or rent land and also you can personify your avatar by creating your own clothes, working spaceship, or apartment.

If it’s a virtual world, there are money to be made too, right? Yes, but how do you make money with

Before I start telling you about earning money with Second Life, I need to tell you what are the basic necessities.
The first thing you need to get started – fast internet connection and powerful computer with a awesome graphics card. It’s pretty much the same as any other Internet game. SecondLife is a three dimensional world and the graphics are sweet.


The next step is to sign up at You can register free basic account, which can be upgraded for 10$ a month, once to get really good with the game.

Now more about the local currency – Linden Dollars

Every person in this virtual world gets weekly salary, which is about few hundred Linden dollars ($L). Virtual money can be converted to actual money and the exchange rate is about 250$L to 1$

In addition, you can work for someone or start your own business to earn Linden dollars. So people has become PROs in this game and are earning their full time income online in virtual world.

How can one make good money with Second Life?

Design and Construction Businesses

If you have some programming 3d modeling or photoshop skills then you can start making some good money here.
Let me give you some ideas –

3d modeling

Depending on your creativity you can create anything to sell in this virtual world (anything from custom bodies to vehicles, plants, homes to commercial buildings). It can be done to anything, if it does look good. Anything can be sold.


Here you have a lot of options too. You can creat custom textures for anything from clothing design to marble flooring can earn you good money. People over there want to look good and would pay you to make them look fabulous.

There are still more ways to earn with this website, the potential is just huge if you have some skills. But you never know what your skills are, so you can try out your luck!


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