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I have already told, that I am looking for good web 2.0 projects, which will allow me to post my articles and earn money in the same time. So far I have found some websites, but it’s not actually what I am looking for (many of them do look pretty good, but I am looking for both quantity and quality here).

You can check out my review, if you are looking for the same type of websites. Actually these websites, do not pay you money for writing any specific content, which is a great way to gain some link popularity, if you have some articles you want to submit for fast cash.

Today I will tell you more about the website I have known about before, but I didn’t actually pay any attention to it. It’s called, and it allows you to post your articles to their directory and make money. According to what I see, there are just tons and tons of articles submitted to this website (we can even judge by the number of the categories) and I wish I could see the number of contributors, who have written and submitted all this work.

Anyways, here you can submit your content here in several simple steps and start earning money almost right away. As soon as you publish your article, you will start earning money – you get paid for every article impression here at

Depending on the Bukisa index (which is the amount of money you will be getting for every 1000 page views – I think it’s calculated according the the whole website profit), you will earn ~ $3-$5 per every 1000 article visits (currently this measure is set at $3.4).

This website does look good, but there are some things that don’t really attract me. They do have a referral program, but it is 3-tier referral bonus program (this means that you will earn less money for more referrals), which doesn’t usually work out the way it should.

And the other thing I don’t like is that all links in the articles have a “nofollow” attribute, which gives us no SEO benefit from submitting articles here (well that was my main requirement).

Anyways, here at you can submit your articles and make some money. I think that you can receive some traffic benefit from this website (as far as it is no follow, and you can not actually get any good backlinks). Just check it out and tell me what you think, but as for me it’s easier to make money with (which is a great website which allows you to post your articles and keep the Adsense revenue share).

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