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Get Paid To Review Software – Review

The main reason for running this blog is to prove people that most of things you are going online can be paid for. Just a quick question for you : How many times did you download a software from or SoftPedia and left a review on there? – Several times? Then you have lost some money on there.

What I want to show you is a cool website that pays you to review paid software (I guess you can get licensed software and get paid too, that is double advantage!). This website is called Software Judge. What is does is pays you money for reviewing the software as it is. You don’t have to express the good stuff or anything like that, if the software rocks, then you tell why it does, if it doesn’t, just tell that is sucks, no marketing BS is allowed.

There are many advantages of using this site besides money. Oh money, by the way, Software Judge pays up to 50$ per good review, but review has to be very good in order to get 50$ for it. Usually they pay 2-25$ for your reviews. You will get better with time and for sure will earn at least 20$ per honest software review.

So here are the rules for future members :

  • You have to write reviews yourself. If they find out that review has been published somewhere else, you are not getting your money, so be careful with that. Software Judge is buying software for you to test, so be nice and do a good job
  • Fluent English is a key to a review approval. Don’t submit reviews that you don’t like personally. Proofread it several times and then submit, quality is the key here
  • As a Software Judge‘s member you will get just tons and tons of free licensed stuff. The admins encourage you to keep up the good job and they give away good stuff.



Conclusion : Though the payout is set at 200$, you can easily redeem your balance to any piece of software you like. These guys know what they are doing so better don’t use it if you are not 100% sure that you can review software well, but anyways it doesn’t hurt to try! Good luck, and make sure you tell me how it goes!

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