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Earn Money Online By Running Your Personal Blog –

Internet blogs are getting more and more popular nowadays, so why don’t we make some money of them? Earning with Google Adsense is a great thing to start with, but at some point you may want to earn just a little bit more.

In fact, you need a steady flow of visitors to earn money from your Google Ads and those who are not that familiar with Search Engine Optimization may not succeed right away. So what can you do to monetize your blog properly? If I were you, I would monetize my high page rank and quality backlinks.

Considering that some people are not that good at SEO, or are just lazy, creating sponsored posts is a great way to rock some fast cash. Basically you sell a review with a link on your blog, and the most important thing is your Google PR, selected niche and the number of inbound links.

Advertisers want more link juice for their websites, so they don’t mind paying you money for a post on your well ranked website. The only question that may arise now is “Where to find the advertisers for the blog?”. There are several blogging marketplaces and I will tell you more about today. is an excellent place to increase your blogging revenue. Here you can get paid:

  1. for writing detailed and honest reviews about advertiser’s products or services
  2. for links on your blog
  3. to refer new bloggers and advertisers to this website

First of all, I’d like to tell you more about adding your weblog to this system and earning your first money. Submitting your blog is very simple, but some restrictions and requirements apply.

Main requirements are as they follow:

  • The website you are planning to add must be at least 3 months old and it is required to have least 10 posts (200 word minimum).
  • Free hosted blogs are allowed too, but unique content is required as usual.
  • Your website can’t have more then 50% of paid posts and must be updated frequently
  • Posts must be written in fluent English. International blogs are accepted too, but the range of advertisers will be quite different.

It will take several hours to check your blog popularity and the whole website statistic. When your Sponsored Reviews rank is calculated, you can set the price per post or select the suggested one.

Please not: You receive only 65% of the profit generated by your weblog. SponsoredReviews charges you 35% of your money.

As soon as your blog is approved, you will be able to look through the available list of advertisers and apply for a posting job. Bids vary from $5 to $100 depending on your blog rank and the advertiser.

Sponsored Reviews

After bidding, you can start creating the review, including sponsored links in your post. When you are finished with your review, publish it and apply for a review.

Advertisers will take a look at your work and if they like it, money will be send to your PayPal account (once in 2 weeks).

Not all of you have popular blogs with high Google Page Rank, that’s why you should consider the affiliate program. Here you can earn up to $175 for every advertiser you refer and $5 for each blogger, who uses your link to sign up.

This can be a big start for those, who think that making money with blogs is all about Adsense and banner advertising. Think outside the box, and you may end up making a whole lot of cash with your website.


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