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Start Making Money Online Playing Games With IWON!


I’m always looking for new ways to make money online. I have a lot of sites I will have to review soon in my bookmarks. Just now I’ve realized that I haven’t posted in Get Paid To Play Games category for a while, that’s why I’ve decided to review IWON paid to play games program today.

What is IWON and How Do I Earn With It?

IWON is a new way to make money online playing games. Instead of free Internet games, IWON offers you high quality games which come with their toolbar. To start playing and earning cash you need to download the toolbar and install it. There is no personal information needed upon registration, but every player should be at least 13 years old and must live in the United States Of America.

What do you get upon toolbar download?

IWON toolbar offers you a lot of great features including:

SEARCH BOX: This is a search box located within the toolbar and it helps you search the Internet.

SEARCH ASSISTANT: Provides relevant links and results while using the search box.

WEBFETTI: So-called social feature. It gives you a possibility to customize a social networking profile page with layouts, graphics, custom cursors, music and video.

ZWINKY: This feature allows you to create and modify your avatars and use them in a throughout social networks.

There are many more features, but I want to concentrate on the most important one:

IWON: This feature provides direct access to games; daily Sudoku; and a daily, weekly, monthly and annual sweepstakes (plus access to the sweepstakes? winners page). This feature gives you access to all possible games and trivias. If you are good in playing games, then you have higher chance of winning.


IWON toolbar is another way to make money online, not money, but a chance to win some cool prizes. Before you sign up, make sure to read their TOS and information on their website. You should do this to every website, which offers money for any actions. The program sounds good and legit, so it’s worth giving it a try!


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