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[Expired] Start to Make Money by Sharing Documents – Review

Internet is growing like crazy that is why it is pretty hard to track the latest get paid to and make money online possibilities. Luckily, testing work from home techniques and opportunities is one of my favorite hobbies, so I spend a lot of time looking for great ways of earning money for free.

You are lucky enough to access all my research information for free, as far as I am trying to gather even more data by helping people (with hope to get some ideas and news from users of this website). It goes without saying, even though I test make money opportunities within various niches, I do have my personal favorites, websites, with the help of which I generate the greatest amounts of quick cash.

I just adore the idea of earning money with get paid to upload websites, these are the free data hosting services, which allow people to upload documents, promote them and get money for every completed download of such freebies.

Earn money uploading files

Up to this date I reviewed several dozen of sites, which pay members to download files, I think it highly important to use several sites at a time, that’s is why I want to write a review of yet another money-maker – allows to share files up to 2048Mb large and gives an opportunity to upload up to five files at a time. Do not forget to register, before uploading and sharing your documents and achieves, if you don’t register, money will be lost. As for today, UploadStore pays up to 30 dollars for every thousand file downloads. - get paid to upload and share files

After uploading your files you will be able to gather the links to these files and start spreading them all over the internet, the more visitors your files will attract, the higher your possible earnings are. Apart from a flat fee per every download, you can get 15 percent of the money generated from premium account sales from your download links (a quick explanation – if a person, who wants to download your file buys a premium account from UploadStore, in order to complete a high speed download, you will get 15% of the premium account price). – how to get paid to upload?

Additionally there are extra ways of earning money, for instance, being a user of this get paid to upload service, you would be able to refer your friends and cash in 20% of the money they make by uploading and sharing documents and files in the web.

UploadStore pays for downloads from all countries, but the only disadvantage is that the pay per download rates depend on the country of a visitor, I wish there was one flat fee of 30 dollars per 1000 downloads for all countries. Users need to earn at least $20 in order to request a payout to PayPal, Webmoney or Liberty Reserve account.

Thanks for reading, I do hope that you found this article exciting and educating in terms of Internet business. Feel free to check out other reviews from this “get paid to upload” category and subscribe to for free.

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