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Steps To Earning Money With File Sharing Websites

Those, who are interested in earning money online by sharing files, should make sure they’ve read my previous articles, which concern this work from home niche.

In my previous entries I did tell you the structure of this method and gave you some examples of my work. If you still haven’t decided, which files to download, just create a blog, which covers various download areas (I will stick to my templates niche).

Now, when I’ve covered the basics, I will tell you how I actually created my free website (at first, then moved it to self hosted WordPress, as I’ve already mentioned), what monetization methods I used and which free file hosting websites I used to get the highest revenue.

Step 1: Finally decide on what you are going to use are your file sharing material. I will stick to my blogger templates niche, you can do that too, but competition is getting pretty nasty here (that’s why I quit this).

Step 2: Create a website (it’s the best solution for your test), write an introductory post and share your material there. Guide To Creating Website is coming up too. Make sure you subscribe!

Step 3: If you are using the free templates method, you might want to check out various “theme gallery” skins, which will make your website look like a professionally designed theme showcase. A good search will give you a lot of results. I can help you with it, just drop me a line and I will help you installing these too. If you are interested, I will create a new post featuring the best themes for this.

Step 4: Create your file packs and upload them to free file hosting websites.

The last step is pretty important, because some websites pay you more for a single download, others give you more money for larger uploads. But here are short reviews for the sites that pay you for hosting files: – as for me the best website for earning money with your uploads. Here you get paid 10$ for 1000 downloads from the USA and Russia, 2-5$ for the same amount of downloads from European countries (you can find out for sure on their website or in my previous review of this program). Current program made me some money, and I think that this one is worth using for almost every country. – pretty good program, but for traffic from Russia and the USA. Here you get paid more money for larger files (I think from 2$ to 15$ per 1000 downloads). I didn’t make enough money with this program, though I had more downloads here (the reason is that my files were just 2-5MB). – paying for pure traffic from Russia and United States. They are paying 15$ per 1000 downloads, but I had no luck with this program at all. Maybe it is just because of the niche I picked.

Now, when you are ready with your website, add some Google Adsense advertising and start promoting your blog or link on Web2.0 properties, free blogs and public forums. This method should work out for you, if you are good in finding the places, where you can promote.

Good luck on your way to earning money with files, and feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

If you wish to know more about file sharing and monetization, visit the provided link.


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