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Website and blog monetization could become an issue for some people. Most of the bloggers make money online with Google Adsense in the first place, but you can’t always get high CTR and well paid clicks (sometimes I get 0.01$ per click too). That’s why it would be smart to look into alternative ways to earn money with your blog or website.

Here are some thoughts for you:

Ways to make money online with a blog or website

  • Work on your blog popularity by creating extra buzz at Digg or StumbleUpon. This will give you many readers and more chances to find advertisers for your 125*125 ads
  • Search Engine Optimization is not a complicated process. Boost your PR ranking by writing articles and submitting your site to do-follow social bookmarking websites. High Google PR will give you a chance to find more advertisers, who will be eager to buy sponsored blog posts from you.
  • As for the text advertising, try to mix up adsense with some other text link ads provider, just like, who can give you even more advertising options, just read on…


Every blog or website has a potential of developing into a resource with stable reader’s audience and when such times come, monetization is something you must take seriously. – is a huge blogger and webmaster marketplace, where you can sell any link advertisemnt on your website, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a blogroll link or in-text link.

TLA is an awesome way to monetize your site even further. You can’t imagine how many keywords every article has, so why don’t we take advantage?

Another good thing about TLA, you get paid for links on your website, not for clicks. Also this company offers blog feed advertising. As far as many people read feeds nowadays, TLA’s script fills your feed with ads and affiliate links, which are not visible on your blog or website.

To become a member of TLA and earn with them you have to complete the following.

  1. Submit your application (fill in your name, website url and other details about you and your website)
  2. Wait until it’s approved. (everything depends on your website host, traffic, and theme. Make money, nude and gambling sites are not allowed as far as I know)
  3. Insert the code to your website. (that takes minutes to do and no programming knowledge is required)
  4. Pick which ads will be shown on your website. Manually add or deny sponsored offers
  5. Drive clicks and make money. You earn up to 50% of the total advertisement revenue. Money will be sent as soon as you make 25$

Good luck, and hopefully this program works out for you. Making more money online is all about testing new things, so you can sure try earning money online with

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