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The development of Internet has turned it into a powerful platform for job outsourcing and distance working. Nowadays thousands of corporations and small companies enjoy the benefits of work outsourcing, as it serves as a great way to have certain work related tasks done right and fast.

Writing, translation and proofreading belong to the list of the most frequently outsourced jobs. For every professional willing to find extra income opportunities it is a superb change to monetize his/her talent by working flexible hours in a quiet home environment.

Right now there’s a number of places, where you can find latest job listings in writing/translation field and is one of them. Let’s take a further look at what this service can offer.

What is

Text Master is an Internet based job board for writing, proofreading and translation tasks. People from all over the world have an opportunity to use this website as both an employer and an employee. - an innovative platform for finding writing and translation jobs

If you are interested in performing writing tasks for Textmaster, you will have to go through a quick registration process and list your expertise on the site. The pay per job differs depending on the client and the task but writers earn from 2-12 cents per word written.

To learn more about this opportunity, please refer to this page and fill out your application:

Text Master has some extra features for users, who would like to earn more money with this service. One of them is a referral program, which enables you to get 10% of all money made by users you have invited to work with Text Master.

This looks like a great website for finding writing jobs on the Internet. However, this market have become very competitive recently, so it is hard to produce a good income only through one website, so we recommend getting additional writing tasks on these sites:,,,,,

All in all, is a great chance to find additional writing jobs on the Internet and make extra money for holidays.

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