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Every day I am looking for new and new methods of earning money from home. I am reading various blogs and trying to stay as close to the topic of earning money online as possible.

Another good source for the research is your comments, because usually readers reading a lot of questions, but only some of them are posted and approved (I have reasons for this). So in one of the latest comments I was asked to give more information on making money online with professional article writing and blogging.

The word “professional” plays a key role in this question, because so far I have been writing about writing for money at (this website doesn’t require you to be a top class blogger or freelance article writing, but you can still make money over the Internet by posting various stuff at

But lets leave this website and talk about sites, which can give you a chance to monetize your expert writing knowledge and maybe earn pretty good money with your writing skill. So in the search of a serious website, which pays or hires professional article writers or bloggers, I have looked though my old posts and stumbled upon, which was shortly reviewed back in 2008.

The Dabbling Mum

Here is the short, unedited post, which actually was created a long time ago. I wan’t writing that much about earning cash from home, so here is the quote: are currently looking for articles on the following topics: business ideas and other business related ideas. Articles should be over 500 words long and you get 40$ for an article with a quote and 20$ for one without the saying. Articles should not be published anywhere on the web, but the price is a very good, so you can write a new article just for this company.

A lot has changed since then, but this get paid to write opportunity still stands and professional bloggers and freelance article writers can still earn money by writing at

On the website, there is a copyright notice, so I don’t want to deal with the strict website owner and be called for rewriting the actual text, but in several words I will tell you that TheDabblingMum is looking for writers, who will supply them with quality posting material (with or without quotes and extracts).

As far as I have understood, you are eligible to earn something between 10$ and 35$ for unique and quality articles, written by you (with full rights) and 5$ for any other articles. Also you can donate your articles, which will have your name in the publication, so you will be able to get some traffic and popularity with these too.

So have fun and I would be really glad, if you could actually become one of TheDabblingMum’s writers and earn pretty good money on the net. But if you are like me, just a starter in Internet blogging and article writing, check out other freelance writing opportunities besides

I am pretty sure that have written several posts about sites, where you can receive cash for posting and writing. Just for a quick example, pays for writing articles almost to all authors and I know people who are earning more than 150$ online using this site for submitting their posts and unique articles.

And in the end, I’d like to tell you that there are a lot of money to be made on the Internet nowadays – no matter what you are good at and what get paid to method you’d like to try. I have been writing about advantages of working from home, so I hope that these posts will be quite handy for you too and you will start making a pretty good income using Internet.


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