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Internet has brought the mass media to the next level and the demand for easy-to-access information is constantly growing. News on the web are being published not only by world-known media organizations and press agencies. Millions online journals and communities provide well researched content for their users. They make information more interactive, as every reader has an opportunity to comment on the news and in some cases leave his/her own video/audio/text response. is one of such communities and they are dealing with travel news and advice.

Writing assignments at

Having analyzed the website of the Expeditioner, we are pretty amazed at the amount of articles and publications created by this community. It goes without saying that most of these are written by the staff of this company but they do have a contributor page, where users can earn extra money by sharing their travel stories.

First of all, we would like to recommend visiting this page and learning how to send your piece of writing. pays $30 for unsolicited travel articles

Speaking of the requirements:

– the Expeditioner is interested in publishing 1100-1300 word articles based on your own travel experience;

– supported article formats are first person narratives and top 10 lists;

– it is recommended to check out their published content to get the better idea about what content is valued in their community.

The benefits of publishing your content on this website are:

– a $30 cash reward;

– ability to gain popularity in the community by placing information in the author bio field.

This is a great opportunity to receive extra money for your travel experience, learn more information about writing in the travel niche and possibly apply for travel copywriting jobs on these similar websites:,

All in all, the Expeditioner offers a superb chance to turn your content into profit and possibly find other job leads in this sphere.

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