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Quality design services and products are in a bid demand nowadays. Designers produce a large variety of items, which include banners, logos, posters, flyers, website and other things. That is why there are so many online jobs for people, who can create gorgeous things with the help of computer graphics or programming skills.

One of the easiest ways to make money online for a designer is to create his/her own product, market it and sell for a good price. The advantages of this method are evident – one doesn’t have an annoying boss, does things this person is passionate about and earns decent amounts of money by using one of dozens of powerful online selling tools. The only disadvantage I can think of is that a designer must possess a great set of skills, which can enable him or her to make an item that will sell numerous times.

Speaking of tools, which help designers legitimately earn money from home, I have just one on store for you. is a member of Evato marketplace, where designers showcase their design items (this store is intended only for website templates).


Benefits of working with has been around for years and has helped thousands of designers, webmasters and affiliates make money online with no investment. From the designer perspective you can create a website template for one of supported content management systems (among them WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and PSD themes, which can be run on a custom CMS. - designers work online

Designers list their items for sale on the basis of two available license types:

Exclusive license gives an author a chance to make up to 70% of money generated by theme sales but restricts the author to selling design items only on
Non-exclusive license terms state that authors, apart from, can sell their design items anywhere on the Internet but receive only 33% of total sales revenue.

Earnings of theme designers

Like with other Evato marketplaces, here your earnings depend only on the quality of your content and your skills at promoting. It is not very easy to get your work accepted to ThemeForest but I guess, if you pass the quality standards on the marketplace, you will have no trouble generating sales. After screening their website I have noticed a tendency that quality products are being heavily promoted by interested affiliates on numerous blogs and social networks. The key for designers to earn money with is to provide quality product, the rest will be handled by other members. Affiliate Program

I can’t keep from saying that there are money to be done on not only by designers but also for webmasters and affiliates. Any webmaster can hire a designer to create his own product for the marketplace and keep all the revenue. The affiliate, in his/her turn, is capable of making money by inviting new members to ThemeForest. I looked through the marketplace and found come good products, including this WordPress theme.

By promoting products, which are sold on the marketplace or inviting new contributors, affiliates a capable of earning 30% of a person’s first purchase on Evato network or the first deposit. For instance, a friend of yours or your blog reader uses your affiliate link for shopping at ThemeForest and spends $100 on the site – you receive a $30 affiliate revenue.

Roundup and final thoughts

With the time passing has proved to be a scam-free opportunity to turn design skills into solid money. Hundreds of satisfied theme creators prove that it is possible to make money with WordPress themes and other design items. Hopefully you will be able to utilize all the benefits of using ThemeForest and please subscribe to for more news, tips and tricks on how to work at home with no investment.

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