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Three Easy Steps to Start Earning with Affilite Programs

According to this blog , there are a lot of ways of making money online. And earning with affiliate programs is one of them. But there is one problem when it comes to affiliate marketing, the traffic problem.
“Where to find good online traffic, preferably targeted?” – it’s the most common question of a starting affiliate marketer.

Tip : if you want to try making money with affiliate marketing, then you’ve got to apply for one of the affiliate programs and follow the following steps!

So, when when you have signed up with affiliate programs you need to get a webpage you can use to promote products. As for me, if you really want to start earning from product promotion, then you have got to, at least, use these three simple traffic generation methods :

1. Article Creation and Submission
Write articles related to the product you promote and spread them around. There are a lot of websites that will host your articles for free. That is a good traffic generation method if you can review product you actually sell. Once you get some articles, get ready to spread them…

Tip : Recently I have found article hosting websites that will pay you to share your articles. In this way to kill two birds with one stone! More info could be found in this post : “Earn Money Blogging Even If You Don’t Have Own Domain!

2. Blogging About Products

“Amount of blogs in doubling every 6 month” – this figure was published by some internet reasearch website. So I think that it is a great way to sell some products. Write up about sponsored website and insert your affiliate link, then submit your post to some social bookmarking websites like Digg, Propeller, Sphinn,, SU and others. If your article is high quality, then expect a lot of readers and some affiliate revenue.
As for me, blog promotion is one of the effective ones, because you can get thousands of readers to your blog from Digg or other site like this and most of the readers are likely to buy products using your affiliate and referral links.

3. Using Public Forums And Promoting Your Signatures

Public forums is one of the best method to attract readers to your blog or a webpage. Know why? Google, Yahoo and other search engines just like forums, because they have a lot of new content coming every day, so robots are more likely to index your link (and indexing means some traffic of course). That’s why you need to know some tricks : write an attractive anchor text for your link, make if look attractive (colorize it), and be an active member of a forum community (10 post a day will do just great). If you remain active, search engines will cache more pages with your links, that means you will get a way more exposure.

Conclusion : Affiliate marketing is one of the hardest ways to work from home, but once get the whole point, you can rock a lot of cash in no time. These are only some tips I wanted to show you, but I’ve go to tell you that there is more to add to this.

Good luck, hopefully you like this post. Feedback appreciated!


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