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Digital revolution like many other automation technologies in the past, has made certain jobs obsolete jobs on one hand but on the other hand it has created new occupations and this trend is very certain to continue in the nearest future.

If we look at the recent history of the Internet, we can see that many companies started hiring remotely and giving more jobs, connected with digital businesses. But, if even five years ago most of the jobs were connected to creating text content, nowadays we can see that many employers outsource such tasks as video creation, the making of subtitles or closed captions and transcription.

Since the transcription one of the hottest work at home niches at the moment, we would like to review an employer for those, who just want to start working in this sphere.

What is

Tigerfish is a San Francisco-based company, which provides transcription services to various types of private and business clients. Offers Beginner-Level Jobs in Online Transcription Field

In case you don’t remember from our previous posts, transcription is the rendering of audio materials in written form.

If you feel like trying out this job opportunity, please check out this application page:

Such services are usually ordered by businesses, which need their audio files converted into the text form, movie producers, who would like to get subtitles and closed captions for their videos and so on.

This employer is known to hire beginner-level transcribers, so it would be a perfect start to job seekers, who both have a good hearing for tricky words and the ability to type them as quickly as possible.

The application process involves creating a transcribed version of three audio files, which are about 5 minutes long, which should not take a lot of your time. But it should be noted that at this point Tigerfish accepts applications from US residents but don’t worry, on this website we have reviewed several good employers, who accept registrations internationally.

The best of them are briefly reviewed and listed here:,,

All in all, Tigerfish offers great employment opportunities for beginners but it should be also mentioned that, according to people, who worked for them, the pay is pretty low too (about 8-12 dollars per hour, once you get hang of things).

But don’t hesitate to try out this one and leave us a comment about your experience with Tigerfish.

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