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Tips to Generate and Monetize Digg’s Traffic Sufficiently! is a great media sharing portal and we have to admit that most of us use it to gain traffic and recognition for our websites. If you haven’t done it yet, it this short report I will show you how to get traffic from Digg, make it to the Digg’s front page and monetize the Digg traffic.
Well, to start with lets make it clear how to get traffic from Digg. Most of us submit news to digg with the hope that your link will get popular, but that is not that easy. If you want your article to hit Digg’s front page right away, your submission must be :
• Unique and one of a kind (something that wasn’t submitted to Digg before)
• Extremely funny (funny pictures and videos will do great)
• Something interesting and attractive (Top 10 lists and poll results are awesome for Digg)

Also, if you want to get traffic from Digg, you have to complete these steps:
• Get a cool report or article for submission
• Put a feed subscription from on your site/blog (that will make your visitors come back). Feedburner is the best choice
• Good title is your ticket to success!
• Remove 50% of your website ads
• Get as many Digg friends a possible and reply to their shouts
Success at Digg depends on so many factors, I don’t even know where to start. If you are trying to promote a cool picture or video, this news is more likely to make it to the front page. Other examples of good topics for Digg front page are : Top 10 list and survey results, politics, freebies, world news and other stuff that will attract the common Digg user. But if you are trying to promote something very specific, for instance SEO services, you would have to add a lot of mutual Digg friends and send your submissions to them. Digg users will digg yours story if you will digg theirs. Digg users follow this proverb “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”, that is very simple, just exchange diggs with other users and get your traffic.
Now about monetization, if your story makes it to the front page of Digg, you can expect 500-15000 visitors in several days, that’s why it’s important to get ready for this flood, don’t ask “How?”, I will answer it right away :
• Remove 50% of your ads and reconsider your placement (if you want to make fast money, add even more ads, but if you want a lot of readers to your blog of website, decrease the amount of ads )
• Make your site load fast and be clean (clean up your site and make it more user friendly)
• Add email and feed subscription. This way you will get a lot of readers for your blog or website.

Enjoy your traffic and try to improve all the time. Great content is the 50% of your Digg success. Also, do not submit too much content, Digg nowadays bans such users too, just keep that in mind 🙂


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