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The techniques, which are being used for doing business nowadays, greatly rely on information technology and data processing. In information era companies need more work done and to transfer needed data in the shortest periods of time.

While nowadays the data transfers are purely digital in many spheres of business, companies worldwide hire thousands of workers every day to handle their data entry or conversion tasks.

One of the most popular tasks, which are being outsources to stay at home workers, is transcription or the conversion of spoken word from audio/video files into text format. Although we have already reviewed several employers, who hire transcribers, we have one more website for you to try out. It is called

What is is an American company that provides high-quality video and audio transcription services.


For years they have helped their reputed clients to convert conference calls, business presentations, academic papers, business meetings and podcasts into text form.

At the moment, they are looking to hire new transcribers, who are interested in joining their team.

You can learn more about this earning opportunity here:

They provide basic and verbatim services. Although applicants do not need prior experience in the field in order to get a position, if would be better to learn more about these types of transcription, before applying.

Additionally, there is a transcription editor position that is currently open, so if you’d prefer doing this type of work, there is a separate application form for you.

Unfortunately, at this time hires US residents only. But, if you are interested in working in this field, there are many internationally-available job opportunities for you.

The best of them have already been reviewed here:

At first, please check out these employers,, doesn’t state the rates for their work, as the pay for every transcribed minute depends on the client’s requirements. But we have gotten some feedback stating that stay-at-home workers at earn an average of $500 per month, so this position may only be considered as a side-income gig (as an independent contractor).

All earned money in this website can be withdrawn via PayPal.

All in all, is a reputable employer with a great job opportunity for applicants, who are interested in working in the transcription field. If you have any experience with them, please share your thoughts with our community. We’d greatly appreciate your input.

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