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In modern society, where using digital files is a must in most cases, the data entry and file conversion business has started blooming. Companies and business of all sizes and types are not only using the traditional written text to digital text or spreadsheet conversion but also the text to audio conversion.

The process of this conversion is usually referred to as the transcription. Nowadays, transcription services are used in various spheres, including medical, legal and educational, etc.

As the number of clients, who need their files converted, is constantly growing, transcription companies are trying really hard to find skilled transcribers and is one of such companies.

What is is a company, which was built by a group of transcribers from Israel in order to provide the best services in this nice at affordable prices.


They are quality-centered company, which pays attention to hiring the best workers for their projects, regardless of their location. So hires independent contractors internationally.

If you are interested in this job offer, please learn more at their application page:

At the moment the TFE specializes at such types of services:

– General Transcription.

– Legal Transcription.

– Business Transcription.

– Interview Transcription.

After filling out your application you will receive a sample 10-minute audio file that you will have to reproduce in digital text form, according to the guidelines set by employer. If your work is accepted, then you will be officially hired and get at least 120 minutes of transcription work per week.

But this is the part, where it gets tricky, pays for your work not in minutes, as many other employers in this field, but per page.

Here are the rates:

– transcription – $0.45 per page;

– file editing – $0.45 per page;

– compilation – $0.05-$0.10 per regular page + $0.90 per cover/index/cert page.

– proofreading – $0.28 per page.

It should be noted that experienced workers, who have enough expertise, are allowed to perform all of these tasks on a single order. So if you choose to do so, then you can expect to get $1.28 per page.

We tried really hard to find even an approximate pay per minute with this employer but don’t know how big the pages are and how many words they consist of, because, according to the employer, pages have some tabbing for speaker info. looks like a good entry-level transcription company for international workers. But it should be pointed out that the pay is entry level too, unless you decide to take on all of the tasks, including transcription and editing.

But if you weren’t able to get hired by them, please take a look at other international transcription companies:

And especially learn more about these:

There is still much controversy about this employer on the Internet, which is caused by misunderstandings between employers and contractors (mainly about the pay and the application process). So we greatly encourage you to do your additional research about TFE (as new facts may arise after this article is published) or leave your experience with them, if you have any, to help IncomeBooster community.

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